International shipping export

Our company is the authorized by the ministry of foreign trade import and export of goods by sea level transportation agency enterprise, is the owner of xiamen port, shipping agent, and the ship company seek goods agent, shipping export business to have accepted:
1. The booking cargo ship, coordinate the shipment at the port of contact and balance.
2. Container, extract, lease, piled up and apply for inspection container.
3. The agency "a customs three quarantine " (customs declaration, inspection, all relatived      inspections, animal and plant quarantine inspection of the service).
4. The agency issued by shipping documents making, calculation, incidental expenses.
5. To provide by sea freight, shipping information and consulting.
6. Help customers in the design of the transport schemes and logistics solutions.

International shipping import

The company master of xiamen of the ship into the dynamic import goods, understand, according to the customer entrust to handle all imports of goods transport agency business, according to the customer commissioned, the import of all after the arrival of the procedure.
1. Contact steamer.
2. The agency of import goods " a customs three quarantine " (customs declaration, inspection,     all relatived inspections, animal and plant quarantine inspection of the service).
3. Domestic land, sea and air transport.
4. Container after arrival of unpacking, transport business.
5. Undertake from abroad in xiamen international exhibition agencies such as the transportation     of non-tradable goods and materials of transit transport.


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